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Water Heater Timers

Here's a Painless Way to Save on Electricity Costs and Put Money in Your Pocket!

If you have an electric water heater and are on Time-Of-Use electricity rates, we can save you money on your water heating costs. We can help you to get all of your water heating electricity at off-peak rates rather than paying the higher on-peak or mid-peak rates… and we can do it without the inconvenience of rescheduling your laundry, bathing and dishwashing to off-peak times.

Niagara Electrical has the solution for you.

  • We will help you to both save money on your water heating costs and allow you to use hot water anytime you want.
  • You can now enjoy the benefit of off-peak electricity rates and use hot water according to your own schedule.
  • We will do this for you by shifting your water heater’s on-peak and mid-peak energy consumption time to off-peak hours. Other than seeing a significant decrease in your utility bill, you probably won’t notice any difference in the operation of your water heater. Your electric water heater is probably one of the biggest consumers of electricity in your home and it makes sense to control it to use electricity only at times when it’s most economical.

    Heating water for baths, showers and laundry, etc. takes a lot of energy and you can save a lot by heating it at a lower rate such as 8 cents per Kwh rather than 12.2 cents per Kwh or 16.1 cents per Kwh.

    How can my water heating costs be switched over to the lower rate?

    Call Niagara Electrical today and schedule the installation of a reliable, quality made, Intermatic water heater timer. The installation will be completed in less than an hour and you’ll begin seeing substantial savings in your hydro bill AND no longer be inconvenienced waiting for 7 PM. You’ll say, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

    More info...

    A standard 40 gallon (150 liter) electric water heater normally uses electricity right away to heat more water whenever you use some. So if you’re using hot water during the day when the rates are high or medium, you’re being charged the higher, on-peak or mid-peak rates.

    Hydro One encourages its customers to shift their electricity use to off-peak periods and they offer substantially reduced rates as an incentive to make the switch. The fact that we’re storing heated water in a 40 gallon insulated tank is what allows us to heat water during off-peak times and then actually use that hot water during mid and on-peak times.

    How does it work?

    Your new water heater timer will be set to heat water only at off-peak times, currently 7 PM to 7 AM (unless on a particular day, you’re expecting to use more hot water than usual and decide to flip the override switch). So, at 7 AM you have 40 gallons of hot water available in your water heater to use at any time during the day. Experience has shown that this amount of hot water is adequate for about 4 showers or 4 loads of laundry or any combination of that use. At 7 PM, when energy costs are lowest, your water heater will then resume heating water anytime it’s necessary until 7 AM, at which time you will have 40 gallons ready to go again for the next day.

    Override switch

    There may be a rare occasion when you expect to use more hot water than usual. Simply flip the override switch to the “ON” position and your water heater will now function for the remainder of the day as prior to the installation of the timer, heating water on demand. The following day, the timer will automatically resume it’s normal cycle of heating water only at off-peak times.

    Where exactly would the timer be located?

    Your new water heater timer will normally be installed either near your electrical panel or near your water heater, according to your preference.

    Call Niagara Electrical today at 905.650.1117 to schedule your water heater timer installation.

    How much will it cost?

    $199 + tax includes installation

    How much money can I expect to save?

    Every family’s size and habits are different but an average three person family may use about 260 Kwh of electricity per month to heat water. Let’s do the math!

    If your water heater were allowed to reheat those 260 Kwh

    1. during on-peak times at 16.1 cents per Kwh, it would cost you $41.86 per month, or
    2. during mid-peak times at 12.2 cents per Kwh, it would cost you $31.72 per month
    3. whereas installing a timer on your water heater to allow it to only use electricity at off-peak times at 8 cents per Kwh, it would only cost you $20.80 per month
    That would be a savings of
    1. $21.06 every month (44%) or
    2. $10.92 every month (33%)

    Installing a timer on your water heater will give you the freedom to use hot water anytime, according to your schedule while still taking advantage of the lower off-peak rates.

    Over a short period of time, your new water heater timer will pay for itself and then start putting money back in your pocket.

    Call Niagara Electrical today at 905.650.1117 to schedule your water heater timer installation.